Director’s Message

An employer is always looking for the best talents in the market while recruiting. An excellent human resource / staff makes an organization – this is the essence for all the companies while recruitment. However, this is possible only when the employer also provides the fringe benefits to his / her staff. A dignified staff is the requirement met through good pay & perks package.

The recruitment of candidate is not the end of the road. Staff training & career development should be simultaneously done to compensate the candidate hard work enabling in his growth. A staff well groomed by a company is an asset for the organization and nation. It has been in many organizations that lower rung staffs have risen to managerial levels only through the efforts of the employing organization. Social concerning organization knows that if their staff is satisfied, the ill wills of the society will surely go on the downslide. Today is the talks of eco friendly social concerned organizations with no discrimination for castes and creed. An organization grows through fair play & its goodwill in the market.

Proper etiquettes and human ethics play an important role in creating a harmonious work environment bringing a difference in the corporate culture. A well-behaved staff adhering to proper dress codes & pleasant in communications not only raises the morale of the organization but also is helpful in bringing a potential goodwill for the organization. Employers thus should encourage a discipline code in their organization. We at Disha Placement continuously endeavor to search for well-disciplined pleasant personality candidates who can satisfy their organization through their best performances to the maximum.

Degrees & Qualifications have meaning only if the staff is able to implement the organization’s goals. An Executive executing all the works is more important to the organization than a highly qualified person unable to perform. Therefore, the company’s should select those candidates who are qualified & experienced & having a discipline sense.

It is now the era of professional perfectionist and corporate has to play a lion role in their staff’s future and development. A Trained and Experienced Human Resource would generate new ventures for his company ultimately. So go for the best talents and groom them to perform their best in a disciplined organizational goal orientation.